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Falabella by Piccoli - Little Libby

Falabella by Piccoli - Little Libby

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Meet Little Libby, one of six unique Falabella ponies that will capture your heart!

Crafted with all-new fabrics, this cozy pony promises a plushness unlike any other, inviting endless cuddles and companionship. Embrace the joy of owning a piece of pure delight.

The complete Biggie Bunch collection includes:
Coco Thunder - Brown/Black
Rosebud Muffin - Pink Unicorn
Night Sky - Black
Burst of Thunder - Gray/Black
Milk and Cookies - Polkadots/Gray
Little Libby - White/Gray

Little horses of love. Everything great starts little.

Irresistible. Snuggly. Lovable. Cuddly. Cozy. Fluffy. Marvelous. Fun. Engaging. Delightful. Sweet. Kissable. Precious. Velvety. Huggable. Adorable.

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